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Gervais Principle

Anyone familiar with the Gervais principle? It seems to be on full display at ARM. Not just the structure (middle managing clueless id–ts and upper management sociopaths) but with the acquisition this is usually the last stage in a companies progression.

The acquisition can only be for one thing, NVIDIA to take the core IP and do away with a significant portion of the clueless id–ts in the middle. We have managers and tech leads that have 0 experience in the market they are meant to be dealing with, and the upper-management is clearly getting a generous bonus in equity from NVIDIA, this is why they are trying to inflate the revenue with increasing licenses 4 fold.

This is short-sighted decision making from upper-management for personal gain at the expense of long-term reputation of the brand/company.

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So true. Can’t vouch for all the groups, but in ours (clue, just span out as a
‘‘start up’) senior management is a bunch of incompetent showmen, who are only brilliant at painting rosy pictures to those who don’t want to look deeper, talking about the books they’ve read and surrounding themselves by middle management sycophants. Ask them about the strategy for the group and you get wishy washy answers. NVIDIA would do well by trimming all this useless fat.

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The support functions are moving to Nvidia.
Lots of layoffs coming. The EVP for HR and all of her HR leadership team should have been fired for incompetence a long time ago. Nvidia has definitely made the right decision to run all of HR. Please do it sooner, rather than later!

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