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Senior Leaders plan

The senior LT knew about additional layoffs mid August. The decision to bring back market management employees from reduced pay and a 4 day work week on 8/31 was pure strategy. As states began to reopen, work loads increased with travel slightly picking up. Delays in the operations meant leaving money on the table. They took a hit in labor for a month to maximize on all opportunities to capture revenue. All the LT did was put on a facade to make employees feel safe to ensure results. Q3 goals were met and even exceeded in some markets. One step further, the LT pushed the market management team further by incentivizing them with bringing back reduced bonus commission payouts. Again, all strategy! Shameful! You shouldn’t be surprised by these layoffs! Good luck to anyone that was impacted.

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Dara is surrounded by his friends he hired... But all execs do this. It's expected, when you hire a CEO, you're gonna get his network too. Unfortunately Dara's network is a whole bunch of marketing types without any real substance, and external execs don't fit in, hence his hiring failures.

"Inability to tell the truth' - again, this is why they hired him, to make it sound like everything is Rosy for public perception. That's also a CEOs job. Unfortunately you needed someone to come in and seriously overhaul the Uber business, crack it into a better direction, not slap a coat of PR paint on it.

But Dara is exactly what the Board wanted, and paid handsomely for, so you might start your pleas up there...

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