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Everyone is cutting right now

It's bad.

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I have a cousin in a unionized gig with the provincial government in BC. He has two silver spoons rammed up his butt. He believes he has the safest and most secure job out of all our cousins. Little does he realise that no government job is safe in the rest of Canada even with a union.

I guess we all should have moved to BC for safer jobs. I know cousins in other parts of Canada who have contract jobs out of necessity. They were promised verbally for three years their gig would go full time. What were they rewarded with? Furlough days (30 in a year), and asked to take cuts of 35-40% (yes a bank).

Unless you have a safe government job in BC you aren’t safe. All of us are facing the impacts of the recession.

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Right now? Try being a technical contractor we have been getting screwed over since December 2014.

We are not contractors by choice, but out of necessity. With out family connections for a 'in' at the major producers I am stuck doing the work of 3 permanent employees, while the guy hiring me takes credit for all my work.

This hereditary rule system your corporation enforces makes communism looks better every day.

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It’s not oil and gas. A lot of companies are cutting staff. Have friends in eastern Canada, the banks and Fintech are cutting back. Airlines are in trouble. Restaurants across the country are closing.

The only place that has a safe job is somewhere Bc if you get a job with the province. They have an ndp government.

I think the second wave will be bad.

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