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Boeing's 737 Max gets a double dose of bad news
October 22, 2020 03:57 PM
Even as the jet prepares to fly again, there will be few takers.
Key customers American Airlines and Southwest are the latest to signal
a refiguring of orders.

When it comes to High Level Incompetence there is no limit to Boeing woes.
Things can always get worse.
American Airlines Chief Financial Officer Derek Kerr said there would have to
be a “substantial improvement in the demand environment” to justify taking
the jets before then.
Southwest, the largest Max customer, said it, too, may restructure its order
after already agreeing to take no more than 48 of the planes through December
of Next Year.

47 billion dollar Ponzi scheme, Dubbed “Stock Buy Back” blows-up in
Boeing’s face
Max Fraud blows-up in Boeing’s face
Incompetence at the highest levels

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airbus has a lot less drama than boeing with all it's shxtty airplanes...

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Southwest flirts with Airbus in fleet renewal

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The Max would have been a fine plane without the MCAS Fraud
Mickey Mouse Convoluted Asinine System

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They screwed up when the Embraer deal fell through. It’s a safe airplane that could have competed with the Airbus a220.

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Southwest Airlines Considers Airbus to Replace Its Boeing Fleet

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October 23, 2020 (overseas news)
737 MAX’s early return ruled out
the first country to ground Boeing Co’s 737 MAX following two fatal crashes,
has not set a timetable for the plane’s return to service.
Design changes need to be certified, pilots need to receive proper training
and effective improvements need to be made to address the specific findings
of investigations into the crashes.
“Based on these three principles, we have not set a timetable for Boeing’s Max
to return to service. As long as these conditions are met, we’re happy to see
the MAX return to service in China,”
Said Feng Zhenglin director of China’s aviation regulator

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Boeing only spent $43 billion on the buyback scheme share since 2013
Get it straight!!!

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