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No doubt more DCG layoffs coming!

I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens before the end of FY21 In March. Hell the sales teams haven’t even gotten quotas yet and no reporting to show attainment as we enter the 3rd month in Q3. WTF is our leadership doing???

Get rid of the highly paid marketing and fluff positions that don’t have a quota attached to them. Get rid of the excess support & services people that are dead weight. And tell the guy with the long hair and British accent that we can see through his BS and he’s a lousy leader. Dust off your resumes folks.

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I think they started today. I've heard several people who have been let go today in "across the board cuts"... Which makes sense in record profit year

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Lenovo is a China company. The people that are there are buying into the China Regime. They put many China people in "leadership" positions and don't care if it fails. They blame it on Americans. They have id–ts in management that couldn't manage their way out of bed (lard boy TJ).

If you are in DCG, you are simply there for a paycheck and how to drown your co-worker so you don't get laid off. I feel no sympathy for anyone that has chosen to stay there. They reap what the sow.

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"WTF is our leadership doing???"

The answer to your question is in the question itself. Lenovo has no leadership. Lenovo has people in management positions that call themselves "leaders" but have absolutely no idea how to lead anything. It's one big corrupt political SNAFU controlled by several overlapping circles of "Good ole boys'" clubs that use one another to gain power, popularity, and connections. They don't give a flying F- about the people they supposedly 'lead'. These people aren't better, harder working, or have earned their position in a supposed "meritocracy". They have convincingly controlled perception of reality and duped enough people into believing their skills are worth the overinflated bonuses they stuff themselves with.

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