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Ingram Micro Layoffs 2021

Thoughts? Any Ingram Micro Layoffs 2021? Any news or rumors?

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Do they have any employees left in the USA? I worked there from 1995-2007 and it was he-l on earth. Absolutely brutal. I honestly didn't think I would survive what was done to me at their Williamsville New York location. I honestly thought that I would have a heart attack or stroke or something. I actually begged God to ki-l kidding, for real. But alas, I did survive and have a great career now that I love and am very happy. But the memories are very hard to deal with. I wish I could forget but I can't. I avoid driving past Ingram Micro at all costs but now I have a spine doctor who is right up the street from them and I have to pass by that he-l ho-e every time I have an appointment and the memories come flooding back, my heart races and I have trouble breathing. I have to talk myself down. "It's Okay, it's just a memory, they can't hurt you any more, deep breaths, deep breaths."

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