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Wabtec Layoffs 2021

Anyone would care to chime in with a prediction about potential Wabtec Layoffs 2021? Any news or rumors?

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I have some advice! I do work here. Why don’t we all sit down and figure out a way to bring the work in, instead of the other direction? Time on product—TOP, is is used to figure out the efficiency of the workers. This tool is being manipulated by flooding an area with manpower to make the % come down, so the higher ups within the chain see good numbers instead of bad. This is just a smoke screen management uses bec it’s their a– on the line. Isn’t this what GE did with fudging numbers? Look what that got them???? U can’t run a business this way. Pretty hard to make numbers when the material isn’t in front if U!!!! Then the end of the week is catch up. Maybe the company should bring work back, so we can control is better....Just a thought...

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