Thread regarding AMD (Advanced Micro Devices Inc.) layoffs

How common are layoffs at AMD?

I've had a job offer and considering that my current company is very layoff-happy, I really want to accept. But I want to cover all my bases first to not end up in a similar situation. What I've seen so far on this page looks good (my current company has had as many posts in the last few days as this place has had in the last seven years.) Are things really that good? I would really appreciate some input.

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Don't work for either, but Intel will most likely be restructuring heavily with the new CEO. So I would imagine probably a more chaotic environment. But also potentially an entry into a new project from the ground floor.

AMD has had tremendous growth in the past 5 years thanks to their new leadership. And are delivering some really exciting products in all the markets. So as things stand that might be a better bet.

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My view is as a contractor working for Team Blue and then Team Red.
At Team Blue, everyone was paranoid, about keeping their own job. This included keeping info to themselves, whether you worked with them locally or remote. And very few older engineers to see.
At Team Red, everyone was very helpful and genuinely wanted to move the ball forward. And still a fair amount of older engineers, and not just station-keeping, but very involved with improvements.
I'm contracting at a third major outfit now. Would I go back to Team Blue? Well, never say never. To Team Red? In a heartbeat.

Take their offer! I dont think you'll regret it.

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