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Marriott workers who lost jobs during the pandemic connect ...

The layoffs occurred a few days after a change in policy, which saw a reduction in employee severance packages. The town hall was attended by more than 80...

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Reduction in severance packages, layoffs without ability to return when the business comes back.
Laid off employees can apply for positions in the hotels but as any other person, seniority and wages starting from zero.
Workers were put out and ripped off by Marriott. Big pro cent of they work force are people who worked for the company for 20,25,40 years, they are once who lost the most, Marriott decision is one of greed, first the company made sure that they share holders would get pay, workers who help them get where they are got dismissed with out possibility of surviving the pandemic with dignity.
After working for Marriott for 37 years, I was counting on the money, I have earned it. Shame on Marriott.

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