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Bootcamp software engineers Atlanta/ general lack of qualifications.

Why are so many bootcampers flooding AWS/Amazon in Atlanta? There is so much corruption with hiring in the Atlanta area that its getting ridiculous! No other FAANG company (or relevant company) would let so many sh–heads hire their sh–head friends while qualified people are being let go. We have Georgia Tech here in Atlanta and we are hiring bootcampers with no CS degree?

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You bring up a very good distinction. There are computer scientists and there are coders. Depending on what’s needed, either can be fine choices. I graduated with a CS degree from CMU and there are times I feel I just need to code stuff. I don’t practice computer science because the coding work is pretty rudimentary and low risk. The bulk of my job I do have to think about the software performance, memory management, etc., where I’m more designing and coding in the fly (and testing and failing a lot).

I’d say what’s being asked if these boot campers. If it’s low risk/priority projects then that’s ok.

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