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I don’t know if I should start applying for jobs or wait it out and get a package. The facility is closing in March and they haven’t let us know how many will transfer to the other two local facilities. I don’t want to jump ship bc I have hopes that I will be one of the few that will relocate. Deep down I hope the facility won’t close and that some of the rumors have some validity. Don’t want to lose the money they offering with the package and don’t want to burn bridges at shell but I have a family to provide for. With the economy the way it is- I don’t know that landing a job will be so easy. What would you guys do if you were in this position. Any advice you have is greatly appreciated.

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It takes time to find a job. Just because you put your resume out there doesn't mean you will be hired right away. Plus you are competing with a flood of engineers on the market e.g. ExxonMobil. Apply soon and widely.

Also, many companies are aware of the situation if you let them know about the package-many will wait to bring you on board until the shell pays out or try to make you whole (of course depending on the size of the package).

Worst case you can always turn down offers if the hiring company isn't willing to play ball or turns out the refinery is sold.

You will be fine in the long term either way with Shell on your resume.

Best of luck to you.

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