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I was in the Guatemala team answering calls, we were instructed directly by Seaworld and the Account Manager here not to give anyone a refund, they created a very crooked scheme where instead of cancelling orders (which would cause a refund) we had to submit the refunds to a "tracker" which was nothing more than a list that our "GUATEMALAN" supervisors would decide who gets the refund or not, (basically no one) and if you approved a refund you would have to call the client and tell them u r not giving anything or you will be fired, they usually stole our bonuses with phantom surveys and the money was split between the GUATEMALAN account manager, Floor Coach staff and Supervisors in Guatemala.

We had people calling for refunds they really needed or some people had submitted refunds like 6 months before and they were told off, that we were "still processing" it, we were basically instructed to lie to Seaworld guests, and if some of those guests made a chargeback complain at the bank then they all of a sudden like magic became active, your refund stuck for 6 months but if u chargeback they dispute, so they are there, stealing your money, and treating all employees like sh–, old tenure employees ad seaworld, us 3rd world moneys answering the calls, everyone, seawrold managemente is a piece of s***.

I remember the sh–ty system they gave us to start off with, looks like children designed, painted and populated the database, sometimes the guests had more information about deals and offers than we did, we would get updates about "new" stuff 3 or 4 days later when the customer was already asking for it, we were not able to get weather reports and there was a lot of people calling just to inquire about the weather, we had to tell them off with a sh– system we had to see weather reports (which doesn't work) and to offer rainy day tickets. We were also instructed that instead of asking our supervisor just say the weather was OK, one time we ended up having a 3h parking line on Busch Gardens Tampa because of this. Don't work there, they are white collar criminals.

Some people would call and ask for someone in USA and we had to lie and tell them to call again when we knew the only people answering calls were in Jamaica and Guatemala.

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Yes! I agree with everyone in this topic!

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