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Lack of training

When I first came to this company I thought I would get enough time and training to learn to do my job well. However, none of that. I barely fit into the new work environment because I didn’t have enough experience. When I think about my first few days here, I feel sick.
However, I have endured thanks to my coworkers who have been of great help. I am now applying for a new job, or I should say I’m running away from this one. They just can never understand that adequate worker training is not an expense for them?

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Welcome to the Giant Eagle club. The last time the company has ever given decent training was back in 2011/2012 and since then, the whole place went downhill with the training. I remember when I first started, they gave you two weeks of training on the regular and they made sure you weren’t alone in case something happened. They also made you take a test on how to to WIC/EBT transactions, a test on alcohol/t-b-cco laws, etc during the first two weeks and some of those exams were repeated annually. Then towards the end of my time at Giant Eagle, they just threw you to the sharks with minimal training and at one or two of the particular stores I was at, the head cashier was so lazy that she wouldn’t even train them properly. She also didn’t do the usual first day mandatory tests or the annual tests for more senior cashiers. While I was at these stores, I went 4 years without having to take the annual alcohol, WIC, food safety, etc training which we were supposed to have done. When a cashier came across a problem, they’d always bug us instead of the head cashier that was supposed to have trained them or they’d be too scared to ask and they’d screw something up. This is why we had a lot of turnover at many of the stores. A lot of the new hires got tired of nobody showing them how to do the job well and they felt like fools at the register when something went wrong they weren’t trained for and the customer would get mad. Thank God I got out of the sinking ship.

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You thought you were going to get training????? Giant Eagle doesn’t have time for that. We have positions to fill and they need filled now.

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