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The most valuable skills?

I am aware that we are all replaceable, but some of us are more replaceable than others. I wonder what are these high level skills that can ensure that a person is kept in this company? As much as I work on my skill set, it seems to me like it’s never enough, because there’s always someone better who will do my job for less money.

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Try to bring passion with a unique skill that nobody else has in the company. Then you are irreplaceable.

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Not always. You are conditioned to think this way by Micron. They pound this into your head the moment you enter the door. I worked there 9 years and was broken like you. The best thing to do is walk in and quit. Tell them no more. It is abusive relationship. There are many industries out there where your skills will be highly valued. Micron is an HR machine who's entire point is to protect the company and condition the worker to think this is your only choice. It is not. There are better things out there. I am proof.

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