Thread regarding Kroger Co. layoffs

Kroger hires hundreds offshore in 2020

Now we know where all of these "transformation" jobs went.

Hey Rodney, do you know who doesn't shop at Kroger? People who don't live in the United States.

Do you know who else doesn't shop at Kroger? Former Kroger employees who lost their jobs to those who don't live in the United States.

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: @3zeo+18OLTN1J Exactly. They burn through talent using them as scape goats for the stupidity and reckless behavior that comes from the top. They treat SM like complete trash and wonder why they leave and it’s getting harder and harder to replace the s—ers, because of the terrible reviews that mistreated employees leave them. 24/7 is exactly right.

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Kroger can't get any US citizens to work at corporate as an executive so they have to hire from other countries. Poor managers are being replaced every day, directors, every other. The place is like the nazi regime messing up and trying to blames others for their mistakes. Rodney has NO idea what he is doing, other grocery stores are YEARS ahead of Kroger, all the directors, HR workers, IT, CS, managers, finance, etc., are all looking for other jobs because Kroger pays pennies on the dollar to their employees compared to more HONEST companies. Your life will be hell here, you'll work 24/7, be made a fool of, laughed at by district and above and you'll get fired even if you've worked for the company for 30 years.

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I remember leadership telling us about the facility a couple of years ago and how it would be used for RMS. But they also told us how huge it was. That was the red flag that let me knew it was only a matter of time before they starting handing off responsibilities. So far I hear it is mostly RMS right now but it has not been ramped up. So the worst may be yet to come guys.

Keep your resumes updated, start training yourself on cloud. Plenty of jobs out there at companies for us. Kroger made a huge mistake, they've struggled to aquire talent for years. This will not help

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