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2021 playbook

When you don’t get the most out of your players and they give up it’s time to get rid of the coach.

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We had a POP on generator for over a month. We literally had to fill small containers of gasoline at a local gas station daily and fill our company vehicles with said containers and shuttle gas back and forth to the site all day because our fuel provider cut us off due to non payment. Scary times.

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I know they dont pay the electric bills...had a couple sites go dark and caused us to scramble to find generators to get them back up. Maybe the LR5 could put in a steam plant next to the POP and burn some of that cash to keep the power on

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Playbook 2021:

  1. Give the profit to LR5 first.
  2. Try to pay the electric bills.
  3. Layoff more employees to give the LR 5 the money they deserve.
  4. Pay electric bill.
  5. Layoff some more employees.
  6. Have a town hall to keep employees motivated to stay to pay the LR5.
  7. Layoff more employees.
  8. Repeat.
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When a potential client tells me they are with WS, it is a guaranteed

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Playbook for 2021?

Ok here it goes...

  1. ) UCaSS
  2. ) SD WAN
  3. ) Pay out millions to the LR5
  4. ) ????
  5. ) Profit

Yes, went to MBA school too!

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Lie, Cheat, Steal then tell emplyees how the company is stronger than ever and we are turning the corner. 2021 playback complete!

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We can't win
We can't recruit
We were demoted to division 3

We are a group of individuals not a team.

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to say there is a playbook or that there are coaches, you are insinuating that there is a team team anywhere at WS...everyone is out for themselves now

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