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Push them until they break

Looks like the management here has perfected the 'push them until they break' system of handling employee workload. They keep adding more and more work and if one of us complains they either threaten or try to placate us with empty platitudes of how great we are at our jobs and how they need more people like us.

In the end, we either break and leave or carry even more on our backs than before while management takes all the credits and rewards. Lose-lose situation for us.

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Yep, I’ve never worked for a company that denies PTO requests, tells you when you can and can’t take a break, & micromanages your every move.

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I just watched WeWork documentary and the culture of management is very similar. The only difference is Humana is a solid company but they treated their employees the same.

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Humana call center leadership S—s! They want you to do illegal robo calling that is unethical to Medicare customers. I suggest they get audited soon. If your not a favorite, you get abused daily.

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Just as in the depts I used to work in... 'Oh,, I want to be just like you' I heard from a former FLL–
'we couldn't do it without you...'.... & then leave me/expect me to take 2.5 hrs of an EE verbal abuse and terrible treatment on a call that I could not hang up on...when in a career prior to that role, I would have NEVER let anyone speak to me that way.

Things are horrendous right now. I don't doubt they are terrible where you are either...all the junk going on all over the country. Take care of yourself, no matter what they do!

Say no–that word does still exist.
Humana's kool-aid is poison. If it is TRULY better for you to stay, do so. If it is not...find a way, asap, and get the heck out.

Ironically, health care companies/roles of most any kind are frequently the ones who do the worst to thier employees.

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