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"One subsurface" - what a mess!

Org charts reveal that the exploration structure was put through a randomizer. Separating JG1 exploration Boms from the rest of the workers who now report to a different EVP than these Jg1 Boms is sure to create a lot of "synergies" and " value".

DW development also had semi-random restructuring here and there, on the heels of the 2019 reorg. Now the Boms seem to be back in the same line as actual workers (weirdly, a different system than the new exploration). Also, it now looks like there are more subsurface staff working various excellence and support functions than the number of the actual front line workers working the assets.

Efficiency it is NOT! And the sad part is that the same clown managers will end up back in charge.

What has this place turned into??? Empty shell?

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It must be that an intern put the new org charts together!

Alternatively, believing that it was done by those "senior" leaders themselves has far too many grave implications - that these senior leaders are literally clueless about what is happening on the ground!

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What a load of hooey! I totally agree that it looks like the jobs have been randomized and everyone's livelihoods made insecure for 6 mo while the creators jockey for power in the upper JGs. Just make sure you deliver for them or you will lose your seat.

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Who cares about the structure, they'll rehash it anyway 10 times over in the next 3 years or so, the question that matters is will you get a seat? I.e. are there much less seats than before or roughly the same but randomized?

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