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Are people being fired?

I've heard from a now-former co-worker who claims he's been fired along with another guy he knows. Not laid off but fired, no severance or anything. They had a reason but he says it was ridiculous. He's even considering suing. Is this something that's been happening and I somehow missed it?

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PayPal is a shady company they play favorites and don't fire the toxic employees. They need to clean house starting at management level up. Didn't Schulman say no lay offs because of COVID but then did a huge layoff? He needs to focus on running the business instead of acting like he's a talk show host.

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PayPal is engaging in stealth layoffs calling them reorgs. Basically, there is a small team of people that directly report to Dan Schulman that are ripping people from their jobs/teams and putting them onto teams where they have no relations and no protection. The more sinister route is that others are being told their job skills don't match the new team and are told they have to find a new job in 30-60 days or leave. This has been going on since before COVID but has ramped up during the pandemic. Really shady stuff.

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