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Expect a lot of layoffs with this company

Winter is coming - for sure. The overpaid 20x revenue Qualtrics acquisition and then 18 month later spin-off caused a huge loss. Revenue and margin targets were severely adjusted negatively and the market didn't buy it after the Q3 earning call collapse in stock value and market cap. They're way behind in moving onPremise legacy ERP customers to the new S/4HANA ERP application suite (and resulting HANA DB), with slow progress in S/4HANA Cloud volume. Other cloud areas have suffered tremendous setbacks and missed targets, no doubt influenced by COVID-19. They are also a company that does not measure formally employee performance outside of quota carriers, which seems radical in approach. Therefore, they often lay off the wrong people judging by the threads out there and big names gone to other big tech companies. I have also heard - perhaps by their policy - that they do not issue temporary pay cuts or plan adjustments like many other companies do. You either keep your current package (grandfathered / protected), whether overpaid or not, or lose your employment. There's no in between I've heard. So, when times get bad, expect a lot of layoffs with this company.

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The Pandemic has slowed growth for many companies including SAP. Our Commercial Sales team already knows it will be nearly impossible to meet expectations. Therefore we have been for-warned layoffs are combining. It’s a sad time for SAP as it has been a great place to work but it appears those days are over. 😢

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I just saw Qualtrics went public today for their spinoff IPO and raised 1 billion. That’s got to be a lot more than SAP paid right? I mean why would anyone invest otherwise. like they say buy high and sell low. 👽

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