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Apache’s executives have never been imaginative

Apache’s executives have never been imaginative.

They have always been distracted by shiny objects and trying to follow what some other company is doing without any understanding of whether the same works with Apache’s assets or skill-sets. They have no vision and no understanding of how to successfully run a company for the long-term.

The past decade has been a complete failure for Apache. From sinking billions into LNG to sinking millions into several horrible acquisitions (Cordillera, for starters, but there have certainly been others) to sinking billions into Alpine High, the company has lurched from one bad decision to another.

That the executives continually fail and make bad decision after bad decision is amazing, but it is even more amazing to see that almost none of them have suffered any consequences for their failures.

It is well beyond time for the entire executive suite to get sacked and replaced with true leadership that offers sound vision, imagination, and understanding.

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Lmao I forgot about that LNG boondoggle

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All the VPs that contributed to make APA a strong performer in the past, are now gone, those guys cared about the company. Now Apa is left with leaders, that seem to care more about their own wealth. And surrounding themselves by people that would help them to stay in power.

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