Thread regarding Shell Oil layoffs

Should they have invested less in research and software development?

Stop thinking we have a competitive advantage! We spend a hell of a lot of money on research and software development compared to other companies because we think this is a differentiator. Well, it is time to wake up. Technological differentiators were a thing of the 1990s, in the 2000s an advantage only lasts months. It is all about integration and leadership strategy - and on those we have utterly failed!

An interesting angle that I saw at +18UIadxd. I’ve thought about our competitive advantage and I wouldn’t quite agree that we should have invested any less in R&D. What do you think?

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in refining it is all about high utilization and cost control. There have been advances in catalyst but for the most part the kit you have is the kit you have and you do not want to invest any more in that kit than you have to to keep it safe. The investment companies that are buying up the old refineries are really just trying to milk them of their last few years of profits so they can return some money to their shareholders. They cross their fingers that the market stays relatively stable and they don't have a significant process safety event (see Philadelphia refinery) as that can automatically shut you down.

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