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Is everything done?

Can we now say with certainty that layoffs are done?

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Until the end of the month. Some were laid off today, and more tomorrow.

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They're never done. but...

Depends on what you mean by done. Due to regional employment and severance legalities, plenty of people were notified their positions were "at risk" (which is effectively double-speak for "you're position is going to be eliminated, but you have a month before that happens, so figure out somewhere else you can work in the company or your gone"). Technically they aren't yet counted as laid off. But since there actually is no place for them to run to for cover, they're as good as gone; the walking-dead if you will.

As far as this round is concerned, it looks to be as done as done can be. Until part-deux... which always seems to follow 3-4 months later. They've done that twice now in three years in NA, and I don't expect it to be any different this time around.

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