Thread regarding TIAA (TIAA-CREF) layoffs

Roger Ferguson stepping down

This means we're getting a new CEO and something like that always brings major changes in the company. I'm pretty sure the question is not whether the new person will bring layoffs, but how bad it'll be.

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Good, he wasn't all that good. He overpaid for Nuveen and turned a blind eye to the cultural rot. Anyone who works or worked there knows that the company has no values. They don't do any of the following.......AT ALL.

  1. Put the customer first (riiiiight)
  2. Value our people (Ohhh suuuuure)
  3. Act with integrity (Bi––h Puhleeeeze)
  4. Deliver excellence (Oh C'mon Now)
  5. Take personal responsibility (ROTFLMAO)
  6. Operate as one team (They're kidding, right)

How do the managers who remain there sleep at night? They must be sociopaths with zero conscience or shame.

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We shall see. New CEO new changes. I hope the VSP package is offered again to ALL employees 👍🙏.

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I guess he got tired of making 18 million for doing very little of substance for participants. Either that or maybe the results of those investigations stemming from the 2017 NYT articles are still coming? I would think that if they'd been exonerated, they would have shouted that from the rooftops of every trade rag and newspaper they could.

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Hopefully the new CEO will recognize the mistake it was to move the majority of IT offshore to the former CIO's outsourcing company. TIAA has struggled to move forward in the market due to in-attention to this critical corporate asset.

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