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Exit now

I made the decision to leave almost two years ago and I have no regrets. This company is nothing but a joke and I was so tired of the BS politics and backstabbing. Get out before it sinks like the Titanic because this company is going downhill. Any employee smart enough is either leaving or has already left. Do yourself a favor and plan your exit now.

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I made the decision to exit in 2018 from Met Bridgewater and it was a gift of a decision. My work life now: Less stress, more money and working with more often than not - real people. Due to the more work getting piled on, no upward mobility and a control freak ego driven director who put the stops on any career change plan, I had to part ways. After more than 10 years, it became more of a joke. The consultant level gets more stress doing the job that requires like three people to get done adequately while most mgr/directors just want to hear their own voices on conference calls and a good many that I encountered are Not smart - just had an In that boosted their career. In comparison, it is a toxic environment. I feel bad for my past colleagues who I consider friends. It seems like the good people get dumped on and the ego driven backstabbers move up. I can’t win in that environment so I am very grateful that I moved on. Good luck to all.

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