Thread regarding Shell Oil layoffs

Drive the energy transition towards blue hydrogen if you want a future

Blue hydrogen requires oil and gas skills and existing infrastructure.
Use oil and gas capital to encourage its development.

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unfortunately the hydrogen revolution (of any significance) is at least 30 years out. infrastructure and public perception of fear have k–led it. perception is important. it will find a place for refueling fleet vehicles that return home each night but a as a niche.

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It’s those damn Shell binding corporate rules that are destroying the nimbleness of any companies Shell acquires.

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Typical Shell response:

1) Much smaller nimble companies develop the market while we are still fumbling and stumbling with the potential opportunities;

2) Pay consultants big bucks to identify acquisition targets;

3) Pay a big premium to buy the companies;

3) Systematically destroy them with unreasonable Shell processes/standards;

4) Launch a multidisciplinary corporate cluster______ study to determine what went wrong; and

5) Rinse/repeat.

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Agreed as well. There is real money to be made in the hydrogen industry. And Shell has a unique capability to rapidly grow both the supply and demand side across the globe. The lack of movement on this by Shell must be a key reason why those clean energy execs just left.

Hydrogen start-ups are coming out of the woodworks, and are going to take over market share rapidly in just a few short years. Shell likely to buy some of these companies, but a shame they can't do it themselves with the capable staff they are laying off.

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Agreed. Shell needs to get out in front of companies like Air Products and Linde with H2 generation.

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