Thread regarding Adidas layoffs

Diversity & inclusion only to keep numbers and newspapers off of the PDX campus. Layoffs to MAWS

D&I targets surpassed MAW continue to get the axe

  • You are safe at adidas if you are recognized as part of the D&I community
  • Middle Aged White Employees regardless of skill and experience are being let go faster than UB's going to clearance
  • The employee sentiment is the lowest in a decade, miserable folks watching co-workers being let go and below average (horrible) folks remain safe to adhere to the new targets on D&I.
  • Top level executives , senior leadership being passed up on new open positions to amateurs that fit the "new" D&I directives.
  • Senior Leadership taking the company down at the speed of sound, soon the germans will have to step in and take over North America Operations. It's a S Show. Those who know, know....if you are applying or being considered for a gig with the company identify or make it known even if you're not that you are part of that D&I and you will get all the gigs.
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Funny to read posts from people who claim that they don't post on this site. Hmmm, find the error... :-)

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employee NPS scores lowest ever, poster is correct.... look at leadership shift and who is in one has the leadership experience as their predecessors. The downfall isn't as clear as above but not being in the building who knows, you don't I don't. Uncle Kasper is known for cutting brands and cuts will continue. From distribution to wholesale it's a mess, easy to blame covid for sure. I believe the poster that if you say you are part of a diversity group your job is a lot safer than it was last year. It's not Spanx but it's getting close.

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Either you are part of the problem, or part of the solution. The poster of this sounds like part of the problem.

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Based on your post, it is clear why you are being passed over, and it is not the result of any diversity initiative. Those who are valued and doing productive work are not posting on this site, myself included.

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