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Fewer customers, fewer sales

I'm starting to worry that we might be headed towards closing for good. Our numbers haven't been good for a while and they're certainly not improving. To make matter worse, two managers have left in the past couple of weeks, which makes me think they knew something we don't. If anybody from a closed store is reading this, were there any signs you noticed? How worried should I be?

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Big Lot stores generally need to gross 3 million dollars annually for Corporate to think they're worth keeping open. Other factors, such as the minimum wage in your particular state, also enter into the decision. If you are in a higher wage/higher lease state, like California, you are more likely to be shut down. FYI, the company as a whole is having its best sales year ever, so, overall, it's in good shape. Gross sales chainwide for FY 2020 may hit close to 6 Billion dollars for the 1st time, after being around 5.2 billion dollars the past several years. Unfortunately, Bruce and his greedy board buddies don't plan on sharing these dollars with us, as they don't appreciate what we do for them and the stockholders.

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