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Public Shaming

Why must we public shame our company for action to take place? I have repetitively spoken to my DL and DAPL about staffing over the past few weeks. I have almost half of my staff out on COVID LOA. I have asked give me a break for a few weeks. I am working 70+ hours a week. Instead, I am getting increased visits and new things to do and my DAPL has informed me that there is probably an ExtraBuck case in my store for around $35. They stated I will be losing another shift in a week or so.

What happened to common sense business practices? I asked my DL for transparency on why the need for more visits and disruptions and why do I have to lose another SS when i am down to bare bones. The answer was I have to be 100% on MSH visits this month because they are tracking us logging in and with the delay in release, holidays, and COVID vaccine there is no way to get 100%. They went on to day the DAPL are given an unofficial case goal of something like 2 a week. Our DAPL is behind and grasping for cases to end the year.

Are you kidding me? I am working myself to exhaustion and missing my family so everyone looks good at review writing time.

My advise to all. Keep posting! Keep shaming! And for all COVID concerns keep voicing your opinions to the public health departments, healthcare boards, governor’s offices, and anyone on TV who talks about COVID. Maybe we should look to companies like Chick-a-Fila, Starbucks, and others who surveyed their teams and listened during COVID. Take stress off of us!

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