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Lack.of leadership

Blame the virus but numbers dont lie...sales and morale were down when mighty k took.over...

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There are "TOO MANY COOKS IN THE KITCHEN". So many higher ups now all ranting & raving the same thing down to sales, while they all sit in their comfy homes.

Forcing Sysco campaigns down customers throats while they are struggling, just so we can check a box in 360.

Morale = 0% - Whatever local connections SC's had to LOCAL resources are all gone.
Kevin gets rid of a huge chunk of the work force only to hire buddies from CVS and more Execs getting a fat paycheck to sit on their a– and act like they know "WHAT RESTAURANTS NEED"

The bigger of the 2 OPCOs swallowed the smaller one up. No regard or respect to everyone working at the other site. A complete takeover. All the boys club gets promoted into new roles, while everyone else gets demoted or treated like a nobody.

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