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Motivation is all but gone

I used to truly love working here. When did things change so much for us that now I'm dreading work and I have lost all motivation to do anything but the bare minimum? The latest layoffs didn't help, but it started before that. What happened to this place?

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In a sentence: It grew too fast, too quick. It's now mini-Oracle, and fast heading towards fully-fledged "why on earth would anyone work here?" Oracle.

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I don't know who posted the original reply here, but they hit the nail on the head. People here are tone-deaf.

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What, so the OP can't feel that way because someone somewhere has it worse off? This is why people are toxic

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If that is true and that is what’s bothering you, you come from an entitled background. You do realize people are struggling just to eat and stuck at places like Target, trying to get out right? Probably not, based on your complaint. This complaint is why tech is toxic.

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What happened? A thick layer of middle management become even thicker! They can’t communicate between themselves, they create a mess, they are only interested in how to survive. No room is left for engineering, meaningful work and innovation!

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Why do you dread your work? im sorry to hear that :(

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Every American company the last 3 months.......

To my Salesforce family.
To my Intel family.
To my Uber family.
To my VMWare family.
To my State Farm family.
To my Aetna family.
To my google family.

Very saddened by the news of separations, exits, impacted, departed, off boarded (you mean layoffs jerk) today after our transformative headcount rationalization process.

We announced working from home indefinitely for 2020 (getting high 5 front page news) (wow best company ever!) (they let me move to lake8statesaway and keep my 200k silicone valley job!) thinking the impacts of Covid would be short lived (no you didn’t) we made tough decisions initially to furlough specific positions (you mean people you didn’t like) thinking they would promptly come back. (You made no mention of eliminating all the personnel who maintained our campuses for 20 years because they are just contracted losers right, now back to us workers that matter only a little more)

So sorry you young tech workers just got your exotic student loans due after your short lived high flying Bay Area tech career. My buddy Ralph McOutSource convinced me to offshore all of your jobs to Mumbai, and Hyderabad because....well that’s what he did. I’m sure when you told your parents and friends OMG I got hired by google, uber, postmates, salesforce starting at $180,000 right out of school OMG! You had no idea we would convince you you can sell your home and move to the mid west because your job is safe forever (meaning about 6 months) and by the time you paint that last bedroom for the new baby on the way you can start immediately training your new offshore replacement)

Ohana baby! Ohana! Hope you land on your feet soon in the worst job marked since the American civil war....... just be happy you didn’t lose a leg like them buddy and keep that chin up. Keep grinding and things will work out, they always do...
Phil Cashington IV

Oh don’t forget to buy my new book “a self made success” that totally fabricates my back to the wall self made man story. Conveniently overlooking that my grandparents paid cash for my education and my parents rubbed elbows with the elite before I could ride a bike. Oh and that summer I moved lawns for $2.00 an hour we made that up too. I just did it one time as a punishment for crashing dads Mercedes.

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