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Too far gone?

Is WD too far gone to get back on its feet? Some of my coworkers believe that it will although it’s got a very long road ahead, but others insist we should just stick a fork in it because the company is done for. With the way leadership hasn’t had a clear strategy and the constant loss of talented employees, I'm inclined to lean more toward the second option.

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Millions of dollars are being funneled away from the employee STI and annual compensation budget to be given to Goeckeler and his Cisco buddies as they hire into WD. The writing is on the wall for no raises for two years in a row. Reducing investment in critical programs will damage WD's future. Many talented people are being snatched up by other companies, and execs don't care because they see employees as numbers and easily disposable. I hope things turn around but they seem to be pushing for short-term benefits/bonuses for execs by sacrificing employees and the future technology of this otherwise-successful company.

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I would say yes, but as long as the board keeps giving Goeckeler $$$ it’s doomed to fail. The company has lost its heart and has been taken over by terrible leadership that lacks empathy and authenticity. It’s a joke that is plain to see when you visit our intranet and it’s all about Mr Ego and his little Cisco minions who are enthralled by him. So yeah, doomed.

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