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ARAMCO desperate for my $712.40?

I left Aramco more than a year and a half ago and just now they are chasing after me for $712.40 due to what they say is their mistake and it appears to be medical insurance related but there are no other details. Not sure if it’s a scam… so if you leave Aramco they reserve the right to come after you for the rest of your life?

Their letter:

Please be aware that you have a pending balance due with Saudi Aramco in the amount of 712.40 USD due to a finalization of calculations for your final pay.  Please find an invoice detailing the outstanding amount in the first attachment.


Kindly remit the amount due using the bank account and IBAN (SAMBA) number details in the second attachment (Employee Receivable Deposit form).  


Once you have remitted the funds, kindly reply to this email with a screenshot of the receipt from your bank.  Once submitted, we will confirm receipt of your email and that your balance has been settled.


For any further inquiries/details about the invoice, please contact the numbers below:

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Tell them to go fu-k themselves, double standards ffs they rip everyone off who's ever worked for them.... didn't honour my 22 days sickness leave or pay me £16k annual bonus....robbing bastards

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Throw it in the trash. It is a scam.

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