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We are among the worst companies to work for

Gannett is one of the worst companies to work for. This will not come as a surprise to anybody who works here. What does surprise me is that we've ranked this low. I think we belong in the top five at least, if not at the very top of the list.

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Try being a route carrier no days off in years and sh-t pay yet some of us don't have a lot of options so we continue to get sh-t on. The routes once single copy was combined went to he-l in a hand bag. Prices go up on gas or the economy is plagued wit viruses and here we are still working and get no credit at all and the pay isnt enough to pay for gas and drinks for the week let alone no money to raise any type of kids on you can barely take care of one person on the pay that they pay now all their route pay has went down well everybody else and again company sits like that rats gets vacations paid vacations days off it's like they take care of yours for granted they don't pay for vehicle maintenance the sets of tires that you go through every month or the set of breaks every month or if your vehicle is in a wreck or it breaks down they don't care they will fire you if you're not there no leniency they don't compensate you for covid-19 they don't give you any extra credit or extra pay for still dealing with Gannett employees warehouse workers or clients and we're out there just as much as an EMT or police officer or firefighter only we don't get any compensation any special privileges any special pay from the government nothing we're just supposed to suck it up in keep doing papers yet they credit a client 70 cents from his paper and they charge their carriers $2 and up for missed paper and on top of that they always listen to the client never listen to the carrier when we have been delivering for years we know whether we throw those houses or not they don't care what you say they just go by with the client says we deal also with stores and all the people and all the employees in there during the covid pandemic even when the government shutdown US carriers where still delivering papers single copy used to make really good money until they put it on the home delivery routes now the pay is cr-p for real it's not even worth it you can probably make more money doordashing. It just really sucks that we work our as--s off and we don't get sh-t to show for it and I've been a carrier for over 5 years and I've been through 10 vehicles and they don't care. So yeah damn it and subcontracting from Gannett is all sh-t jobs. And there is absolutely no sick days they don't care if you can't control your ba--s they tell you to get a bucket and some tissue put it in your car and get on your route they don't care if you have a fever I've watched them fire people for having strokes back to that I watched them fire people for being in the hospital and just recently one of the carriers husbands died and she was fired from her route so if you have a choice I would never ever recommend working here

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It's too bad, there are many staff who are dedicate at what they do and specialize with very intricate dynamics in journalism -yet Gannett at large will find a way to make anything worse and do the most to eliminate great workers - too bad because there is so much perpetual potential - Gannett/Gatehouse is a clear case where employees are way more reliable than the employer.

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