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What can I expect if hired?

I am currently researching different financial institutions before turning in my resume. I saw that this company is on a hiring spree. Looked at all the job reviews and most seem positive. Then happened to search if the company has had layoffs and came across this site. Can anyone give me any information if this is a stable company to work for? Do layoffs happen often or rarely? How is career growth and is employee engagement encouraged? I would like to have any information whether it’s positive or negative. Thank you.

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I would stay away from this company at all costs. Remember, these are the old school Drexel boys that totally support criminal Mike Milken (and still do - he's a hero to them). This is a back stabbing culture that uses people and throws them away. Check the bonus contract as well. If you leave th firm, you are required to pay it back in full (pre tax). That's how they retain their staff. Their vacation policy is awful (20 days combined sick, vac and pers days for VP , slightly better if SVP and above). Not worth it. Highly recommend taking a pass on this dog.

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