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This has all got to come crashing down soon. They laid off their technical people in operations. They promoted people to those positions who honestly don't know what the fahk they are doing. Every efficiency they had gained over the past years went right out the door. AFEs are getting blown up and they have no business drilling wells anymore. The management team is totally incompetent. I'm under the ops team and the COO is f'n senile. Every important decision gets deferred because he literally has no idea what he's doing. He just dressed fancy and made the right friends throughout his career. The VP of ops is on his deathbed and I've got $100 that says they promote some more APC folks as a backfill. Heck, they'll probably add a few more directors just for sh–s and giggles. This place is worse than a frat. You either get promoted because you were one of Brad's people or because you check a diversity box. I check the diversity box and that may be the only reason I'm still here. I'm out as soon as the industry picks back up.

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I just hope activist investors get involved and drain this swamp. If people really knew what went on behind close doors, there would be lawsuits filed immediately. This place is gross. Shady sh– at every level. Holly's legacy lives on...

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Damn this place is just a ticking time bomb inside waiting to explode. Worst part is no one cares about what they are reading on this thread, they just blow it off as disgruntled ex employees, rather than a internal issue with still employed people. As an ex employee I know many still there and they are displeased and just like the freebies. Sooner or later that wave is going to come crashing down and everyone is going to be affected. Won’t be good. No one has control of there guys just a yep whatever u want me to do until I clock out a–hole attitude.

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