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Don't be naive

I see some people are saying our jobs are safe just because we were told there would be no more cuts. Well off course they're going to say that, whether it's true or not. They know that if we are constantly worried, the productivity will go down. Like this, they give us a false sense of security and enjoy the benefits until they decide it's time for more cost cuts. And with the industry in a state that it is, it's going to happen sooner rather than later. So instead of believing people who did nothing to deserve your trust, start making preparations in case it turns out they weren't all that honest with us. Just a suggestion.

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Naive- you hit the nail on the head and you’re 100% right. They don’t want productively to go down. Years back, I was at another company. They did a massive layoff and moved the remaining employees on a particular team into 2 other teams. This happened in July. They told the remaining employees that they were safe. Team A and Team B absorbed those few remaining people from Team C which had the huge layoff. On November 1, not even 4 months later, the company cut the entire Team B as well!! That was another huge layoff. So then all that remained was team A. We survived a little longer and they finally got rid of all of us too. Moral of the story, always have an updated resume and don’t listen to what the management tells you. Your days are always numbered.

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I’ve been saying this forever. I cannot believe the things I’ve heard from deniers who believe they’re safe. It’s sad. Those people are in for a major wake up call if things don’t improve soon.

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