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Organizing in Alabama?

Amazon is organizing in Alabama. So what will Amazon do to stop workers from having a voice, getting fair wages and safe working conditions?

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Unions aren’t the answer. All that will happen is you’ll eventually get annoyed paying union dues and eventually complain that the union doesn’t do anything for you. Union leaders are rich, the workers they represent will not. Unions require you to vote, sounds democratic but there’s been a history of fear, intimidation and misinformation to make sure you vote their way. Always remember, unions a looking out for themselves, workers are the modern day “gun” and the unions are the NRA. Does the NRA need to exist to own guns? Nope but they are there to take your money and have your dues pay for helicopters, fancy sports cars, vacation homes, and etc. how? Well if 10 million workers pay a due of $100/year, that’s $100M to a bank account. Let’s face it, unions are corrupt and benefit from your life, no different than having no union representative.

Lastly don’t fall for the “not all unions are bad”. It’s like saying “not all countries are bad”; the logic sounds reasonable until you unpack it and realize the bad countries want to nuke the US. So if someone says this, ask them how many unions are there in the US, how many he represents and ask him to explain the bad ones. It’s all BS, it’s all about how much BS one wants in their life

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