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March 5th

So what's being announced on March 5th? The hype is starting.

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Rumor is, we are buying National Geographic Learning from Cengage.

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Are we buying Cengage? (or perhaps a portion of Cengage?) The merger didn't go through, they're bleeding money and likely a good time to purchase some of the content assets/rights.

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The announcement has been moved to the following Monday, the 8th. Rumors are flying, as you would expect - but nothing any more believable or unbelievable than anything else.

A PR person I used to know would say a Monday announcement is usually “good” news, at least compared to one late on Friday afternoon.

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Any update on what’s happening on the 5th?

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It’s going to be a major disrupter. A completely new business model. I’m not optimistic that it will work. It’s going to cause a lot of issues in the future. AB doesn’t know enough yet to be making this kind of change...

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Some (very bitter) replies on this thread but none of them answer the question of the poster. What's being announced on March 5th?

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@5hwb+198xlWbO So many people are bitter and blame Pearson management. Pearson management has been awful for years. It's the same everywhere.

Elon Musk couldnt save this business from the decades of mismanagement, price raising, denying reality, and kicking the can down the road. Well its the end of the least for companies like Pearson or Cengage.

Those of us who were smart saw it for what it was for. A blast. And we took advantage of it. But it wasn't real and all good things must end.

I made tons of friends, did some spectacular travel, stayed in awesome hotels and drank a ton of great wine and made pretty darn good money. I wouldn't change a thing.

I knew it would eventually end. And it did. Which is why you always need an exit plan. If you dont have one, its no one's fault but your own. Its not like this storm hasnt been brewing for decades.

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Best post I’ve read in a long time! The game has been broken for a long time. Some of us recognized this and rode that horse as long as we could. Being a rep or a product team member was a great gig. Paid well enough, helped develop a resume and if you were smart you picked up a few transferable skills for your next role. Pearson lost their way because of bad leadership, bloated hierarchy, and the inability to evolve.

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So true. The company car is spot on. This job never has in the entire existence of the business been a sales job.

99% of publishing reps would be eaten alive in any real sales job. Meaning any job that you actually have to sell a product to an end-user and make a monthly quota.

Pearson used to send 10 people to work one adoption. It was great. An excuse to get out of the house/office and party on the company dime.

The educational publishing game, or should I call it scam was played inside of a bubble. And that bubble has now burst.

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Love it. This is how I picture a Pearson sales rep, dumb enough to stick around into 2021, trying to find a new job before the next round of layoffs...

Interviewer: Tell me about your experience. What was your sales goal and how did you perform?
You: I move our customers into digital business. I actually don’t have a sales goal, but I’ve gotten really good at moving people into digital products.
Interviewer: Digital? Isn’t “digital” a given? I thought you said Pearson was a tech company. Also, if you’re only responsible for existing clients, wouldn’t that make you an Account Manager rather than a sales person? Also, why does your resume say “top performer” if you don’t have a goal to measure your performance?
You: No, an Account Manager is someone who works with bookstores to put Inclusive Access in their ordering system. Instead of reaching for a goal, we all get the same bonus of $25,000.
Interviewer: What’s “Inclusive Access”? Bookstore? Wait, who do you sell to? I’m confused. Could you walk me through your sales process?
You: We have a territory of accounts and I visit all of them to convince them to adopt a cheaper digital version of our product. Oh, that reminds me! Does this job come with a company car?
Interviewer: Why would we give you a— Wait, why do you want paying clients to spend cheaper? And again, are you saying you only work with existing clients? Your resume says “new business.”
You: New Business is when you take a teacher’s adoption from McGraw Hill or Cengage.
Interviewer: McGraw Hill, as in the text book company? Teacher? You said you sell to bookstores.
You: It’s hard to explain, but I can assure you I’m a top performer! You should see how many FDOCs I scheduled!
Interviewer: Oh, okay. What does FDOC stand for and what is the price for it?
You: It’s when I spend several weeks attending the “First Day of Class” all day long! It’s during back-to-school time - our most hectic but exciting time! And FDOCs are completely free!
Interviewer: If FDOCs are free and take up that much of your time away from selling, how is scheduling one an accomplishment?
You: Well, because students are—
Interviewer: You know what? We’ll reach out to you.

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