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Layoffs every year

I worked there for 9 years and only just recently moved to a different company. While I was there I saw layoffs at least once every year. Some years bigger than others. Some years saw layoffs happen twice. It's normal for McAfee.

Just wanted to confirm that this is true and it's still happening. I've been here for more than a decade and I can't remember there was a year when we didn't have layoffs. If you're new here, this is something you should get used to.

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Par for the course for "tech" companies that buy other companies to expand their catalog rather than innovate it. It's been that way as long as I can remember. In the long long-term everyone that doesn't get out on their own gets screwed; from the customers, to the support services, to the engineers themselves. Ultimately only a handful of executives and, if public, stockholders, actually come out ahead.

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Its going to get worst since McAfee is now public meaning it will cut cost to get its quarterly profit up to please shareholders. I left last year and it was best decision ever.

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