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Why do part timers suit them better?

There is no point in laying off full time employees and adding new part time positions, other than reducing the amount of employees who are eligible for benefits and protections.
Some people try to convince me that it is actually about flexibility, because in the case of, say, someone’s illness, it is better to have two part timers than one full timer that there is no one to replace.
The real reason is greed. Greed and the desire to squeeze everyone to the maximum.

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its definitely cheaper for them to have 2 pt. the real question is how long will customers continue to deal with 2 people that dont know what they are doing instead of one that does. what position does this put best buy in when things return to "normal"

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In retail you can have more "hands on the floor" with more PT employee's than FT, in particular on key selling days. Of course there is also a cost savings and the expense that goes along with PT vs. FT. Most retail environments have a goal for the number of FT staff.

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It’s cheaper, they have overhead costs, pressure to pay more, cannot open in a lot of states, meanwhile selling low profit items, high profit items they can’t really sell as much. Just cause there is a lot of revenue doesn’t mean real profit is there and when they see declines they are prone to prepare to stay afloat. Just makes business sense. Cut some now or everyone loses later if the declines continue.
Also keep in mind the new person running the place a primary background finance person. In a lot of ways that’s sort of ok for short term but prob not long term in retail world.

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