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There's no winning at McAfee

Work environment here is completely and utterly messed up. We have layoffs all the time and we have to stress about that non-stop. But even when a round is done and we're still here we can't celebrate. Now we have to do extra work to cover what those who were laid off were doing with no pay increase. Either way, we're screwed.

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There is no vision, no plan, just awful working conditions. Always looking over your shoulder, waiting for your number to come up. What a shame as this was once a great company to work.

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"Typical of a has-been company that stopped innovating."

McAfee hasn't innovated for 15+ years. Like Symantec of old, they don't build things: they buy them. They merge that "A" company with their existing "B" market. Then, they market "A" customers on their existing "B" portfolio, and market "B" customers on their newly acquired "A" portfolio. The result is one big happy (cough) family where everyone gets everything from McAfee, they all holds hands an sing campfire songs together.

Or so they would have everyone believe. That idea worked pretty well in the 90's, but someone forgot to mention to them that its no longer 1999, and people won't buy your c-ap just because it has your brand on it today. People are still gullible, but not that stupid anymore. Times change; McAfee didn't; they just kept looking for more companies to acquire and double/reverse market.

In the two decades I've been watching this company this divesture (call it what it is, a sell-off/bailout) is a rare moment; one where they all-but-admit they don't know what they're doing anymore, haven't for a long time, and are just giving up. Good riddance.

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Sounds like a lack of true vision for success and growth. Typical of a has-been company that stopped innovating. Innovation costs money and doesn't result in immediate profits or any profits at all. Employees and investors will tolerate such failures, as long a there is the occasional success.

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