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Windstream Agrees to Sell Allworx to Investor Group

Why would a software powerhouse sell off one of its software products?

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No REAL details but it looks like it has sold

Sale of Allworx to Investor Group Is Complete
Allworx is pleased to announce the sale of its assets by its parent company Windstream
was completed effective April 9th, 2021. The NEW Allworx company will continue to
operate out of its current Rochester, NY location where its Research and Development
Team is located along with Operations and Technical Support. It is expected that there will
be some expansion of facilities including warehouse locations to accommodate the current
growth in sales. In addition, the new company has already been moving quickly to enhance
its current product line and to add new products and services as part of the Allworx brand.
Tom Elliott, Director of Sales and Business Development for Allworx stated: “Development
of a Virtualized Server Platform, has been well underway at Allworx in recent months. In
addition, we are working on other NEW offerings that will be coming out in Q2 and Q3 of

  1. These products will add to overall communications solutions where Allworx is the

primary communications platform for the end user as well as assist our channel in
increasing revenue and servicing the user’s total needs.”
In the next several weeks Allworx expects to provide more detail on its product plans to its
channel partners, as well as reintroduce certain promotional marketing efforts in the
channel to aggressively grow the business.
Allworx Authorized Resellers and Distributors are encouraged to get in contact with their
respective Allworx Channel Managers and Representatives to schedule in-person and
remote update sessions.
For more information contact Allworx at 1-866-Allworx or email

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They need the money for the upcoming merger with Frontier

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Spot on. Wish I could upvote your post even more. We’ve lost numerous extremely talented software devs over the last several months. The brain drain is almost complete. Proves that the whole “Software Powerhouse” is a sham.

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Seriously, any sales person that knows a customer has a windstream AW system and can’t replace it with updated tech, shouldn’t b in sales. I think even lane the loser appliance sales guy could get something better installed at those locations. Of course he’d have to place that business with century link!

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We have never been a software powerhouse. We have a bunch of accountants running teams of prodapt contractors from overseas. That is our software development.

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They shopped it around a year ago and had offers on the table.
TT and friends were greedy and didn't get what they wanted.
That was all pre-covid, again poor planning by leadership and
the consultants.

I'm sure they didn't get an offer similar to what they wanted a year ago.
It's like parking a car in your driveway and trying to sell it
a year later for the same money. That just isn't going to
happen at this point. This is most likely at the discretion of Elliot at a firesale price.
I'm sure that IP and customer base is valuable to someone else.

I know they lost SW developers and support based on movement
from profiles on LinkedIn. If we were truly a "Software Powerhouse" those would have been
GREAT people to retain. Developers that understand networking and the SIP stack are a rare breed. Again leadership and consultants asleep at the wheel.

I can't wait to see what Bankruptcy 2.0 looks like when all of the dust
settles. I'm sure this is the 1st of many moves to come for WIN.

I imagine that the ILEC business will be the next to spin off. WIN will just become
an MSP at that point.

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Good point, we no longer sell IP Simple but there are still customers that
have 5 and 7 year contracts that we need to support. Some of the customer
base likes having an IP Phone system they can own and control. UCaSS isn't
for everyone and customers already have spent the CAPEX for it.

When all you have is a hammer everything looks like a nail.

I'm not sure why this didn't happen sooner.

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The first primitive cut has been butchered off the hog, what part is next?
The vultures demand flesh.

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Allworx was purchased by PAETEC about 10+ years ago.

When Windstream purchased PAETEC they still sold and supported the IP Simple product.

Allworx also sold and supported the product to other partners throughout the world, it wasn't just an inhouse product.

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They haven’t sold that product in several years.

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Source? Nothing shows up when you search on the headline.

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Why does your question have anything to do with Windstream? /s

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