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Anthem, the best health insurance around?

Is this company even trying to be the best health insurance company around anymore? I agree with someone who said that they totally lost focus, but I wonder if that focus will ever be able to return. It seems to me that Anthem has totally lost their vision, and without a vision I doubt they can be the best.

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Folks: Anthem cares about two things; margin & stock price for their shareholders & executives. Outsourcing overseas has been part of their DNA for at least 15 years. This has always been the case. This thread & many of the ones below point to an acquisition(s), period. Anthem needs to get larger fast. Get used to this environment because duplicate jobs are next to get cut for efficiencies of scale with whomever they’re merging.

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We have witnessed 5 staff quit in last 12 months. Not a big deal. But now many are discussing jumping ship in convos and IMs/chats. One staff just quit with last day Friday. Something has definitely shifted. I’ve been to work with other health insurances like Optum and they have a ton of time on their hands to complain and their jobs aren’t high paying. Anthem pays better but the price is your overtime hours and impact on mental health. No one hear is mentally healthy and we are bitter. Anthem staff (it’s weird they call us “associates!?” Like we are retail workers haha - well I’m rambling but staff are too busy with work to complain on here (truth we are worn out) - but they hate it. It’s evident. The more “positivity” demanded in team meetings the more you know it’s compensation for the true anger and negative vibes that really exist on a team. The corporate trickle down attitude here we Are given is “be happy while we work you to death and We expect a smile and don’t complain with honest truth to management or we’ll peg you as a Negative Nancy and passively aggressively give you progressively worse and worse projects and high volumes of work to do until you quit” - this is why others are wanting to escape. But where can we go? We are trapped. I won’t quit as a lay-off is needed for unemployment and I just don’t have the energy anymore. Staying through March then gonna begin job search in April

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