Thread regarding Coca-Cola Co. layoffs

What's with all the closings?

I just heard another plant in Texas will be closing sometime next month. That's the third one so far this year if I'm not mistaken. What's going on here? How worried should we be that the closings are just the start and we might be looking at a major, company-wide layoffs announcement sometime in the near future?

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This happens when companies worry more about SJW than their products. Enjoy being woke and going broke. Pepsi for the win...

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When companies want to be “woke”, this is what happens. I will hang around as long as I can, but I no longer agree with the politics forced on us. People want to drink our product, they don’t give a damn about our political views. We will continue to see how our CEO and his “woke culture” will effect our sales moving forward.

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