Thread regarding Ricoh layoffs

They better start rolling this out.....

Ricoh CEO details plans for future

Interview published in Japan Times magazine of Jake Yama****a, president and CEO

Sales in its DocuWare ECM division up 48% in Europe in 2020
Aims to shift to a digital services company
Goal of 150 billion yen in operating profits by 2025
Reorganizing company into 5 divisions:
Digital Services (office and remote task solutions, workflow solutions and digital transformation)
Digital Products (printers, MFPs, etc.)
Graphic Communications (PPS, IP, etc.)
Industrial Solutions (thermal and industrial products0
Futures (healthcare technology, inkjet printed batteries, Smart Vision, new materials, 3D printing, energy harvesting)
Will reduce headquarters employees from 3200 to 1600 in 5 years
For FY2022, goal is that Digital Services will by 39% of total sales
41% of sales will be Digital Products
For FY2023, goal is 40% from Digital Services and 39% from Digital Products
For FY2025, goal is 42% from Digital Services and 35% from Digital Products
Digital Services will generate 54% of operating profit
Digital Products = 25% of operating profit
Expects about 30% in-office employee attendance rate
Pledged to spend $2.8 billion on acquisitions
Is “pursuing alliances with competitors in the A3 color MFP market”

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Why was docuware purchase even necessary? ricoh couldn’t develop this in-house? Very indicative.

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More rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic! Try overhauling your whole, bloated, management structure for a start.

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“Pledged to spend $2.8 billion on acquisitions” = we don’t have any ideas that don’t involve a printer.

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Love the lead off glory stat: Docuware sales up 48%! (Europe only). Made in Japan lipstick at its best and makes one question all the stats after. Docuware opportunity should have been huge! Love to see the 48% “math” and what it’s based on.... Only thing indicative in the “48% increase, Europe only” is how weak ricoh is on the solutions piece and reality that they’re just 3rd tier box pushing toner heads and what shelfware they do sell is bundled into an mfp deal. Ricoh’s figital transformation tools and figital services profit projection is a pipe dream. Any acquisitions they do should be run independently to avoid the ricoh toner culture contagion.

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