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How long did it take you to find a new job?

I often hear that people are very happy after they get laid off from here, but I still think it’s just some defense mechanism, to make it easier to accept a layoff.
It wasn’t great for me at Essilor, but it’s not great for me even now because I’ve almost spent all my savings, and I haven’t found a new job yet. I am slowly becoming desperate.

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It took me 4 months to start a new job after being laid off last year. My new job is so much better. Essilor expected everyone to absorb all the work when they reduced our department by almost half.
We were so over worked the last year I was there.

The job market is improving now, so I hope you are able to find something soon. Good Luck!

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I hope you find another job and bounce back stronger now that the economy is somewhat in recovery. I am still with Essilor (despite have been wronged other ways by the organization) and am beyond depressed.

People at Essilor are self absorbed and are all about flaunting what they say they contribute. Recognition doesn't happen to the real hard workers who are humble and get the job done. They are taken for granted with no appreciation or recognition from management....and often put on the chopping block as management takes credit.

But my heart goes out to you after Essilor let you go and you continue to live in limbo with a shrinking safety net of savings.

Keep your head up. Good luck to you.

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I really hope for you that you will be able to find an other job.
I am still working at Essilor and things are not great.
I do 8am 8pm, my manager is selfish and the colleagues I loved to work with are gone.
It is tough.

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