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When did we become the company of mediocrity?

We used to be so much better than that. People tried to do their best every single day because that was encouraged and rewarded. Now nobody seems to care if you're doing your best or just putting in your bare minimum. People are rewarded based on cronyism and nepotism, so why try if you know the game is rigged already? It's sad to see what we've become knowing what we once were.

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I was RIF’d 9/2020. Took all 6 months of sub pay from them, I deserved it! Don’t quit or you won’t get that sub pay if you are RIF’d. I worked there 28 years…dependable and always over 100% production. I am 57yrs old and it s—s trying to find a new job! I was dedicated to Anthem but they definitely were NOT to me! All the executives care about is their bank accounts! I could go on and on, can’t stand Anthem anymore!

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That’s right - because no matter how great you are or mediocre, you’re on the chopping block so there’s room for another CMO or another staff VP.

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