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Lack of Transparency

Recent layoffs at Collings were total disgrace to professionalism, labor standards, common sense for company survival and any logical economic development.

Layoffs were lacking any structure based on 1)seniority 2)dedication and work input 3) professional accomplishments (licenses) 4) willingness to train and most of all 5) willingness to work effectively. Forget transparency of these layoffs.

A lot of people retired long time ago mentally and physically. They just come to collect paychecks and constantly complain about work conditions and coworkers ( trying to hide their own incompetence shortcomings) They are getting blind support from substandard supervisors (tattooed not only on skin, but brain as well, with toxic ink).

It is a natural tendency for coworkers to form networks for support and better cooperation. Unfortunately some "networks" formed by destructive individuals of the Collins supervisors/leadhand/old buddies are very detrimental to company's progress and day to day operations . Overcoming todays industry challenges and competition may be impossible with such "teams" of "blind supporters".

Time is difficult for everybody. Especially in our industry. Total lack of transparency in layoffs selection is not helping morale of the reaming workers. it may only degenerate already low confidence and spirit.

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Sounds like the Titanic! Probably the most racist company in America.
It makes the TV Show “successions” look like The Waltons

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