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If you are not part of the elite group...

Looking for a merit promotion or a VCP, then isn’t it time to leave Saber? The merit promotions are reserved for the boys club when the revenues drop and VCP is than 100% funded.
Looking for a salary based on merit and work achievements, the look elsewhere. Many companies in many other industries are profitable, have good financial positions and are high liquidity.
That’s it. I completely agree with the author of this post. If you are not in the boys club, forget all your expectations and hopes.
I wish I knew those who have achieved a lot without being part of the clique, but unfortunately, I don’t know very many of those.

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Heh. It looks like me and part of my effective buddies are in 'the clique'. Nice to know. When will we meet other 'boys'...?

Cmon. If the company is unfair for you -Quit. Do not hesitate. Quit. Your life is worth more - dont waste it on complaining and being stuck in a bad place for you...

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Ahh to the last poster aren't you on the same website "trolling"? LOL How boring is your life?

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Imagine how petty you must be and how empty your life must be to spend time trolling a layoff rumor site in regards a company you don't (or you no longer) work for. Sad.

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to the poster of this item, you dont even know how the company name is spelt? You obviously dont work here so get lost

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